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Rental Information

The information below applies to all "Elegant Settings" properties with the exception of Adelphi Mill, Billingsley House, Darnall's Chance, Dorsey Chapel, Montpelier Mansion, Riversdale House Museum, College Park Aviation Museum, and Laurel-Beltsville Senior Activity Center. Click on a link above to receive specific rental information for each of those sites. 

    Rental Information

    All contract holders must:
    1. Be at least (21) years of age; and
    2. Have valid forms of ID and residency. Valid forms of ID include a driver’s license, utility bill, deed to house, signed lease agreement, homeowner’s insurance policy or renter’s insurance policy.

    Contracted hours include setup and breakdown time for all vendors. The schedule for rental time allows two hours for setup and decorating and one hour at the end to completely clean the facility. The actual event time is about four (4) hours. Due to liability issues, access to the facility by all parties - including the coordinator, florist, decorator, DJ/band, photographer, etc. - is allowed only at the start of the contracted time. If anyone enters before the contracted period, the contract holder will be held liable and could be charged additional fees, which will be deducted from the security deposit.


    A reservation becomes official and is considered a booking when a security deposit is paid, a rental agreement contract is signed and the signed contract is received by the due date (designated by the property manager). Contracts will be deemed null and void if the signed contract is not received by the designated due date.
    Reservation Guidelines
    1. A 10 calendar day hold can be placed on an available date with a non-refundable $50 application/hold fee and completed rental application. The $50 application/hold fee will be applied to the final 50% of the rental fee, due 90 days prior to the event date. Clients will receive a confirmation letter, receipt and contract for signature. If the client wishes to move forward with reserving the date, the contract and security deposit must be paid prior to the expiration of the 10 calendar day hold.
    2. Application/Hold fee can be paid by:
      • cash, credit card or money order

        **check payments will not be accepted for holds.
    3. A signed contract and security deposit payment must be submitted within the 10-day calendar hold. The security deposit fees are as follows:
      • $750  - Newton White Mansion and Oxon Hill Manor
      • $600 - Prince George’s Ballroom
      • $500 - Billingsley House and Snow Hill Manor
    4. If the rental contract is not received by the specified due date, the booking will be released and any monies paid to date will be forfeited. Contracts must have the original signature or PDF E-Signature. 

    Ticketed events

    • Tickets and other promotional materials must reflect the proper start and end times of the event.
    • All advertising is subject to approval by facility management.
    • Copies of all proposed advertising materials and tickets must be submitted to the facility for approval at least ninety (90) days prior to the event date.
    • All ticket sales must take place in advance of the event.
    • All tickets must be numbered in sequential order. (Please check with facility management for maximum capacity)
    • Tickets may not be sold on the facility premises.
    • For “free admission” events, tickets still need to be issued in order to control the number of guests attending the event and to avoid the possibility of exceeding the capacity restrictions.


    Maryland-National Capital Park Police are required for all social events.

    The facility will make arrangements for Park Police security. The contract holder must pay the officers in cash at the onset of their arrival time. Receipts will be provided upon payment. Please inquire about rates and number of officers required.


    There is a contract reservation curfew of 12 am (midnight) Sunday through Thursday, and 1 am on Friday and Saturday. Other restrictions on party type may apply. 

    **Curfew at Snow Hill Manor is 10 pm on Friday and Saturday (non-amplified music until 9 pm). From Sunday-Thursday, curfew is 9 pm (non-amplified music until 8 pm)


    All cancellations must be made in writing by the contract holder, signed, and addressed to the facility manager. (The cancellation policy applies with or without a signed contract). 

    1. If the contract holder cancels the event  after making the reservation, the security deposit and the application/hold fee (if applicable) will be forfeited.
    2. If the contract holder cancels the event 91 days after making the reservation to 90 days prior to the event date, the security deposit, the application/hold fee (if applicable) and 50% of the rental fee will be forfeited.  
    3. If the contract holder cancels the event less than 90 days before the event date, all fees will be forfeited.

    Payment Schedule

    1. 90 days - (3 months) - after paying the security deposit, the client pays 50% of the rental fee is due.
    2. 90 days - (3 months) - prior to the event date, the remaining 50% of rental fee is due, minus the $50 application/hold fee (if applicable). 
    3. All extra fees incurred within 90 days prior to the event date are due no less than 3 weeks prior to the rental date.

    Acceptable forms of payment include cash, MasterCard, Visa, checks** and money orders made payable to M-NCPPC.  A $35 returned check fee will be applied for all returned checks.

    **Checks will not be accepted less than 90 days before the event date. 

    Date Changes/Venue Transfers

    A one-time reservation date change within the same venue is acceptable up to 6 months prior to the contracted event date. Any further date changes will be treated as a cancellation.

    An event date change 180 days or fewer prior to the event date will be treated as a cancellation.   The cancellation policy will apply.

    Venue transfers will be treated as a cancellation. The cancellation policy will apply.

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