Prince George's County Census 2020

The federal government distributes $675 billion to states and communities based on census data. The money is spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works, and other programs. 

Every 10 years, a complete count of every person in the United States helps identify and allocate those funds. For each person in Prince George’s County who fails to be counted, the County loses federal funding for your community.

Census data is also imperative to your community in many other ways: attracting new businesses to our County; forecasting housing needs; designing public safety; revitalizing neighborhoods; transportation planning; districting schools; and so much more

On April 1, you can respond online, by mail, or by phone.

What is the Census?  

Why is the Census Important?  

How does the Census affect me?    

How do I respond to Census 2020?  

Why is Prince George’s County collaborating with the U.S. Census Bureau?  

Translated Materials

How is Prince George's County Preparing for a Successful Count?


Jordan Baucum Colbert
Census 2020 Project Coordinator
Prince George's County, MD
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Census 2020-Prince George's County, Maryland
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