FY18 Annual Work Plan

Office of the Inspector General
FY18 Work Plan

Performance Audits

  • Energy Management
  • Paid Administrative Leave
  • Personnel Disciplinary Actions
  • Commission Vehicle Usage
  • Park Police Overtime
  • Fuel Usage
  • Safety Equipment
  • ADA Compliance
  • Cash Management – Treasury
  • ERP Contract
  • Prince George’s County Facility Audits
  • Montgomery County Facility Audits
  • IT Security Program
  • Disaster Recovery/COOP
  • Change Management (IT)
  • Parks Direct System Implementation

Note: The completion of the identified Performance Audits may be impacted (i.e. cancelled, carried over to next fiscal year, or subject to scope reduction) due to the completion of other reviews (e.g. Fraud, Waste & Abuse reviews and/or Management Advisories) and availability of OIG personnel. Periodic changes to the annual Work Plan are approved by the Audit Committee.